Merged Mining

In order to increase users’revenue, Antpool officially launches Bitcoin and Namecoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin mergerd mining. As “achieve two things at one stroke” saying, the hashrate donated by users not only can bring them normal BTC/LTC earnings, but also let them receive NMC/DOGE as a mining reward. In another word, users will increase their earnings by receiving additional NMC/DOGE "subsidies".


BTC Mined 1 BTC and get 2-6 NMC for FREE
BTC Mined 1 BTC and get 1 RSK for FREE(Coming soon)
LTC Adjusted to 1:1200

2.Configure Merged Mining Under BTC/LTC, click "Dashboard-merged mining", configure your NMC/DOGE wallet address, you will receive your NMC/DOGE rewards everyday.

Need to be reminded that users will be regarded as spontaneous abandonment of the Namecoin reward if they don’t set up the Namecoin wallet address.

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